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Maximise your potential and live life on your own terms.


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It’s not so much the goal, it’s the person you have to become to achieve the goal.


You are the only barrier and the only key to creating your dreams into reality.


Step into your greatness and maximise your potential so you can become the person you need to be to achieve the things you want.

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Lena Kay is a wonderful life coach, very positive, always very driven, very passionate always gave positive points; she showed me steps which changed my life that I’m very grateful for.
Marcus Saddler

“Lena is very compassionate, highly spiritual and kind human being and best at her work. I will continue to work with her as I travel my entrepreneur journey. I would highly recommend her expertise to any business person…”
Pranita Salunke

CEO of Vitality Health Clinic

Lena has mentored me for the past twelve months and I can wholeheartedly say that she has helped transform both my business and my whole outlook on life. She has a great way of making you believe that anything is possible.
Phil Gee

CEO of Online Guru

When I think of Lena and her characteristics I am instantly drawn to the words: warm, welcoming, friendly, caring, business savvy and above all supportive.
Fay Charles

Founder of UneeQness



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