8 Steps To Organically Increase Your Confidence

Why is confidence so important for us to increase?

Because it affects us in every single area of our personal and professional life. It affects everything from the amount of money we make to our progress and performance in personal life goals.

Think about how different your performance would be if your confidence level was at a 0 in your profession, your relationships and your health, compared to if your confidence was peaking at a healthy 10.

Sometimes people don’t want to display their confidence because they don’t want to appear cocky or arrogant. The difference between the two is this:

  • Arrogance is thinking you are better than everybody else.
  • Confidence is knowing nobody is better than you.

The confidence muscle is essential for you to increase on your journey otherwise you will live your life a watered down version of yourself.

If you apply the following 8 steps you will organically increase your confidence. Try them for 66 days – (yes 66 because that’s how long it takes to create a habit).

  1. Stop comparing yourself to other people

People who compare themselves to others lose by default – because you can’t move forward in life if you are busy looking left and right at what others are doing. Those who are focussed on their own journey are in healthy competition only with themselves.

If you are truly living your life and taking action on achieving the things you want – you won’t have enough time to compare yourself to other people. In the age of distraction stop looking everywhere else and stay focussed on your own path.

2. Following through on goals, plans & commitments

When you make a promise to yourself to do something and then don’t follow through – that will chip away at your confidence. If you continue to let yourself down, telling yourself you will do something and not do it, your confidence will continue to take a dive.

Whether you have an accountability partner or coach, get someone to hold you accountable as people tend to follow through more if they have someone who holds them accountable to their word.

Commit to something and just do it – motivation comes from within. You can do it – if you want it bad enough.

3. Body language

You can feel more confidence automatically just by holding your chest higher, rolling your shoulders back, head up, breathing more deeply and walking faster.

Sometimes people just have a body language of a depressed person – they slouch and have a poor posture. This body language sends messages to the brain that makes you feel low. Whereas a confident body language sends signals to your brain to make you feel better and more confident.

4. Morning Rituals

If you are one of those people who wakes up, gets ready and heads for the door – you will lose by default. That is the surest way to be reactive to your environment instead of responsive.

Having a morning ritual that you do before you start your day, deal with email, social media, traffic and people is crucial for your confidence and also your performance.

My clients who own businesses (from 1 man bands to CEO’s who have 30 staff) all tell me how much better they feel once they set morning rituals. Their performance is organically increased with their confidence, as is their clarity, focus and ability to deal with challenges in their business.

Love and respect yourself enough to do this step. You will be a much better person to deal with and will notice the profound difference in one week.

5. Preparation

This step will not only increase your confidence but will help you with step 2! The more prepared you are – the more you will feel confident. Success loves preparation!

Some examples of this are, if you intend on working out in the morning you can prepare your outfit, training shoes, water – everything you need to follow through. So that it will be more of an effort NOT to follow through.

If you intend on eating more healthy and you know you have a sweet tooth – taking some fruit with you will curb that craving and save you from going to buy a cheap and fast unhealthy sweet option.

6. Dress well

Dressing great makes you feel great – there is no doubt about that so we will keep this step short.

This is of course a quick fix but a very good one. If you are dressing well and at the same time you are working on building yourself from the inside our then you will organically increase your confidence.

7. Creating VS Consuming

Those who consume all the time leave little room for creating. Replace consuming information with creating a quality life. Being conscious of what you read, watch, listen to and even the company you keep is vital to build your confidence and maintain it.

Limiting your consumption to 1 hour per day is a great way to free up space to think and do something that benefits your life. This will increase your confidence as you stop consuming and start creating.

Who will become the average of the 5 people you hang around with so be wary of the company you keep because attitudes, beliefs and emotions are contagious.

8. Develop & Grow Daily

When you stop growing you start dying. Nobody knows everything and the wisest people are those who continue to grow, develop and challenge themselves. Invest in your mind by reading, setting goals and taking yourself out of your comfort zone on a regular basis.

Your internal world is where your real authentic self lays, dormant, waiting for you to use it’s potential. Potential that is beyond any measure because we still have no idea what the limits of a human being truly is.

Challenge yourself and pay attention to your self talk, your emotions, how you handle stress and challenging situations. Building yourself from the inside out is a sure way to build confidence and start seeing your obstacles in life as opportunities to grow.

Be confident enough to maximise your potential and go for your goals, taking the ups and downs with a great attitude because you have self belief in yourself knowing that you can handle anything life throws at you.

Have the audacity to believe in yourself 🙂

Thank you for reading this article. It would mean the world if you like and share with others.

To Your Greatness


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