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Welcome & thank you so much for being here! Everything that I share and blog is with one thing in mind: YOUR SUCCESS.

I believe the better we do individually – the better we do collectively. You only get one life – so why play a watered down version of yourself instead of playing full out?

Maximise your potential and increase your performance in all you do so you can turn your dreams, visions and targets into a reality you live.

That is what I specialise in – whether its personal or business, I can take you to the next level.

If I can go from:

  • Being a refugee
  • University dropout
  • Suffering from depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress & medicated up to my eyeballs
  • Living in a homeless hostel
  • In toxic & abusive relationships
  • Being overweight and lacking confidence

To transforming my life, healing my body, attracting the love of my life and having my own business that impacts people around the world…

Then what are the possibilities for you?

I know one thing – your possibilities and opportunities are endless!

There are a few core pillars of success and performance that I have discovered through working with people aged 21 to 60, from many countries around the world. You can see them in the image below:

Lena Kay's Core Pillars of Performance

As you can see PERFORMANCE is in the middle as it is the result of the pillars around the swirl.

By the way – the spiral logo represents growth and expansion. Inspired by swirl doodles I used to make while journalling – I later realised it can also be related the fibonacci sequence.

Anywho…I digress! The pillars are the core components of performance – here is why they are so powerful in your journey to the next level:

Leadership is an important attitude to cultivate even if you are not in leadership. It’s a powerful mindset to adopt and it can be trained through what I will share with you.leadership lena kay

Awareness is the key to change. The more consciously aware you are of yourself, others and environment – the more power you have. While 95% of people on the planet walk around in a sleep state, you will be one of the rare few who are awakened.


Confidence is a core component of performance because if you don’t believe in yourself, your value, your talents and abilities, then don’t expect others to believe in it. Lack of confidence makes people play small and forfeit their dreams. To maximise your potential confidence is essential.

tiger pic

Resilience is key in this world of extreme contrast. Emotional and mental resilience is needed to live our daily lives. I cover emotional intelligence and self mastery in this core pillar because mastery of your emotions will drive your success and things to the next level.


Impact is important to have in this modern age of distraction! Whether it’s impact on your lover, family, organisation or strangers – having the ability to positively impact and hold another persons attention is a skill that comes from investing in your internal world.

impact (1)


One of the greatest and most empowering truths that have pushed me through hard times and given me hope is the truth that you really can change your outer world by changing your inner world.

An amazing truth that one only realises through experience. I wish someone had of told me this when I was in school!

Although I may never have had the experiences have lead me to this knowledge though experience rather than text books.

If you have any subjects you would like me to cover in upcoming blogs please feel free to message: hi@lenakay.com

Love & Light