I just wanted to say a huge thank you. Before I came to Lena, I was feeling a bit lost in my business especially when it came to marketing, in particular, Social Media.

With many similarities in values, I felt immediately connected and she succeeded in building a strong rapport and instilled a sense of trust in me. So much so that when I was offered a different coach through her company I politely refused.

I have changed my outlook to marketing over the social media and now not at all worried to do videos, FB lives with the boost of confidence; thanks to LENA.

Also, I now have started hosting events. Lena is very compassion, highly spiritual and kind human being and best at her work. I will continue to work with her as I travel my entrepreneur journey. Also, I would highly recommend her expertise to any business person who wants to implement different strategies and gain confidence in doing so.

I am thankful to you Lena and wish you all the very best. Lena Kay is a wonderful life coach, very positive, always very driven, very passionate always gave positive points, Lena showed me steps, which changed part of my life which I’m very grateful for…

Pranita Salunke

CEO , Vitality Health Clinic

Lena has mentored me for the past twelve months and I can wholeheartedly say that she has helped transform both my business and my whole outlook on life. She has a great way of making you believe that anything is possible.

Phil Gee

CEO , Online Guru

Lena Kay is a wonderful life coach, very positive, always very driven, very passionate always gave positive points, Lena showed me steps, which changed part of my life which I’m very grateful for…

I changed my mindset and started to believe which Lena Kay gave me confidents to believe in myself which to start focusing on positive on what’s around me, Lena showed me number of ways of dealing with Bad or Good situations, the best example I can give is meditation, I did it twice a day at home even more times in public, sitting on trains and buses long journeys focusing on me my mindset and goals, I have achieved a lot since i met Lena, I am Grateful…I am thankful for Lena Kay.

Marcus Saddler

Senior Operations Manager, GAP

I asked Lena to provide some information on an International team call I was hosting recently. Being the complete professional she is, Lena sought clarification from me re her talk….prepped in detail and then delivered very high value content with passion and INFECTIOUS enthusiasm.

The feedback I received from people on the call was excellent. They were inspired by Lena’s message and by the quality of the information she delivered as well as the way she delivered it. Thanks so much Lena for serving our team so diligently and effectively.

Bash Kaifi

Entrepreneur & Osteopath , Usana Health Sciences

Empowering. Lena is teaching me the tools to create a life I never knew I could have.

Su-Mei Tan

CEO, SMT Antelier Jewellery

LK Club has enhanced my life and is constantly challenging me to be my best self. Lena is extremely personable and able to bring a positive outlook into every situation.

Sharna Edwards

Quantity Surveyor, Ferrovial Agroman UK

From the first event I met Lena at I went with the intention to further my career goals. However, Lena quickly opened my eyes and my mind to really think about what I wanted, not only in my career but also in my health, wealth and in love.

Lena has helped me to structure my goals in a way that I’d never thought before, focussing on the things that really matter to me and how I can achieve them, ultimately guiding me to find my path to becoming a master of my mind, emotions and life.

Mica Bihal


What a truly special and gifted person! Your knowledge and insight for life has been incredible to listen to. I can’t thank you enough!

Dean Lewis

Educator & Entrepreneur

Lena has been extremely insightful and has brought a lot of light to various elements of my life and how to deal with various elements of difficulty and confusion.

Learning more about the law of attraction and implementing guided meditation practices to my daily life routines has helped me a lot to transform to the next chapter.

I would recommend anyone who may need coaching, business advice and spiritual guidance and meditation practise as Lena is extremely helpful and knowledgeable in these sectors, which are all extremely powerful to help you transform and live a more harmonious life on your own terms which Lena is able to guide you and support you through.

Thanks and Healthy regards

Zahra Ela

Property Manager & Interior Decorator

Originally a little sceptical, It wasn’t until we got into the sessions I realised how incredible she is at being able to empathise with you and help break down the walls we put up to protect ourselves from our own self-doubt and  insecurities. My main focus of our sessions was finding job satisfaction, and I can safely say that I’m now more focused and determined than ever to follow the right career path.

Zubair Ahmed

Digital Marketing Expert , Freelancer

Working with Lena has helped to raise my awareness on a number of subjects that I took into the sessions.She helped me notice what limiting beliefs had been holding me back for years and subsequently encouraged me to create new beliefs that would help with my goal. And they did!

Lena has also really helped me in pinpointing exactly what I want out of a goal, and without this, the entire endeavour would have been pointless. On the occasion Lena pushed me to really clarify exactly how I want something to play out and this was so powerful for me.

Lena has a really down to earth and approachable style. I have loved hearing her feedback and her comments about our topics as she says things in her own way that make so much sense and are often heartfelt and funny which makes her easy going and fun to work with.

She is able to balance warmth, sensitivity, humour, meaning and empathy and makes you feel that whatever happens, you CAN do it, and you are no different to anyone else who has done it before you.

Lena also gives the impression of someone who has had to pick herself up many times and get on with things and thi scomes across to our sessions in such a way that she becomes inspiring, and makes you feel like…if she can do it…then YOU can do it.

Lena you are an inspiring and strong woman and I have loved working with you.

Yeshim Muwali

Project Manager

Lena Kay is quite possibly the most powerful individual I have ever come across…the energy she exudes is ineffable.

My very first mastermind class she literally reduced me to tears…spiritual, emotional and business support all rolled into one. Couldn’t ask for more!

Chris Wong Hang Sun

Entrepreneur & Investor

I met Lena 18 months ago and there was something magnetic about the way she interacted. I have seen her grow, blossom and take life with no apology and live it to the full.

Lena is an inspiration and I’m proud to be a member of the amazing LK Club where I get to interact with amazing individuals, tune into amazing webinars and connect on social media with amazing people who I have seen transform under the Leadership of Lena Kay, Tedx Speaker, Transformation Coach and Entrepreneur.

Angella Williams

Business Owner, Angella's Kitchen

Lena is the one who made me optimistic, she changed all the paths and made me see the bright side of life.

Mariam M Atroshi

Student of Dentistry

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